The Winery

The objective being the continuous upgrade and development of the family business, in 1998 they decide to take advantage of the 110 privately owned acres in order to expand their business and to create an artisanal winery with all the up-to-date technology and amore “feminine” approach, since Helena is pursuing the best oenological results through innovating products from the PDO region of Nemea.

The winery stands in between vineyards and the imposing mountains of “Megalovouni” (Big Mountain), “Kokkinovrachos” (Red Rock) and “Farmakas”. Its garden is full of flowers that are taken care of by Mrs. Rapti, Christos’ and Helena’s mother.
A cosy welcoming & tasting area of 100m² is always ready to greet every wine-lover.
The tour begins from where the grapes are received, goes through production/vinification premises, follows bottling and storage (wine cellar) and ends up in the tasting room, where you can enjoy peacefully a glass of wine while contemplating the beauty of vineyards any time of the year.


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